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The Nigerian Status-quo At A Glance

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This Is Nigeria, Where All Things Are Made Possible

Which is the way to go, when my 72year old grandmother in the civil service would be advised by some old fool with a brain full of rust, to retire and relocate down to the village, whereas, another demented 98year old sapien of the Fulani extract would graciously occupy an office, carried around like a two month old kid, to and fro foreign seas, signing policies and bills and securing investments that would outlive his 13th generation? Just because he’s the self-acclaimed number one man in a country peopled with somewhat docile, black people.

In what sort of quagmire have we find ourselves? What has befallen Nigeria and Nigerians in the politicians of the present dispensation? Where we claim to practice democracy, yet, when you let your voice heard, you’re being sought after by the DSS or worse still, the SSS.
Our misleaders are taking some good toll on us. Where have we left our brains and consciences, when we make light of everything, finding a way to make jokes of everything, while these group of looters are allowed to bask in their criminal acts, looting and going scot-free, cooking up flimsy stories for Nigerians who would go ahead then to make a joke or two about the situation. I once regarded it as Nigerians been creative, and some sort of sweet distractions from the everyday news which are always littered with either killings in Benue, or bombing in Borno, or kidnapping in somewhere up North, or civil servants being owed, or statues being erected, or a fight in the State House, or the Carting away of the Mace, or the Budget getting missing, or Rats giving the Head of State some unplanned visit and eventually chasing him out of his office, or of the treasury being looted, and past government been accused, the list is simply endless.

Where are we headed, when Nigerians have grown weary of being Nigerians. An average Nigerian’s mind is channelled towards attaining an exodus from the State, with a thousand and one reasons to be pointed out as premises for wishing for this exodus. Hardly can you find a dedicated soul who tenaciously believes in achieving the good cause – making Nigeria anew.
Europe and America promises conducive environs and greener pastures, causing Nigeria a while lot of Brain Drain, as our best minds are snatched from under our very noses, while we look on. Could we blame them? Not at all. We know not what we got, and biblically, those who have little, shall be collected from, and given to those who have, that they might posses more.
Nigerians are happily offering up themselves as burnt offerings on the altars of European and American embassies, where they would choose to endure every form of humiliation, just to see themselves disappear from the face and shores of the nation, Nigeria.

Is there any hope for the Nigerian nation, where the allocation for education has declined from 11% to 8%, and nothing worthwhile is being done to reverse this. We choose to sit, fingers crossed and hands akimbo, waiting for Christ to come down and make things aright for Nigerians. Everyday our screens are hit with portraits of these low life, non-shamefaced politicians, boldly feeding us fallacies, without bating an eyelid. Surprisingly, these manipulated speeches, delivered from some glorified podium, are conclusively greeted with camera lights and rounds of applause – a standing ovation from an audience who know too well that they are being deceived and lied to. Economic romaticists would readily litter our newspapers with catchy phrases, mouth-watering pictures and eye catching headlines, telling us how magnificent our economy is, when the reverse is increasingly the case, as with all the money in your wallet, you can’t boast of going to the market and purchasing a trolley filled with goods worth your money. With all the money you’ve earned, you cannot get anything with it because everything is being hoarded and waiting for prices to escalate so gains and profits would be accumulated at a breakneck speed.

Minister for power goes up to the stage and commends himself and his ghost-team for the job well done in the power sector, and my town has seen no supply of power since year 2016.
This is what we are daily greeted with. Stories that have been compromised and maneuvered and designed to serve a purpose. Nigerian politicians obviously think Nigerians are created with hollow brains just like they are. How would a right thinking human expect his fellow human to believe the animal tales and fables that Nigerians were fed on three occasions under the space of 5months?
Animals carting away with large chunks of money. Stories that we are told.
These are The things we hear in Nigeria. Only in Nigeria, where all things are possible.

©Jesse Dominic


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